Friday, October 19, 2007

The best easy knitting pattern: a chunky winter scarf

The most foolproof easy knitting patterns are rectangles! That's why the infamous potholder is so popular. Other rectangles include:

  • Runners for a dresser top or side table
  • Shawls and stoles
  • Blankets
  • Baby blankets (little! easy!)
  • Covers for decorative cushions

But the all-time easy rectangle that you'll actually want to wear is, of course, the winter scarf. If you choose a nice fat yarn, even a beginner can knock this off in an evening.

You don't really need a pattern, but here's one if you're feeling insecure. This uses a yarn called Gedifra Sheela that looks amazing--nice and chunky with great colors. If you can't find Gedifra Sheela, just look for something bulky and wonderful.

If you don't go with a pattern, just cast on 50-60 stitches and keep knitting until you've got the length you want. It's always good to slip the first stitch of every row (that means you move it from the left needle to the right, without twisting it and without knitting it), that will give you a cleaner edge. Knit every row for garter stitch, which won't curl, or knit odd rows and purl even rows for stockinette, which has a nice drape but tends to curl back on itself. In a chunky yarn like this, either one will look great. (Garter stitch is a little wider for the same number of stitches.)

I don't usually recommend knitting with synthetics, but quickie projects and ultra-easy knitting patterns like this can be ok--and some of the new synthetic yarns are just too good to resist.

Happy knitting!


Susan said...

Now, that is a gorgeous scarf! I don't knit, but I really should. My sister has taken it up recently and really enjoys it. I will show her your blog!

annaes said...
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annaes said...

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